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110 S. 2nd Street
Geneva, IL, 60134


Big Ideas Covenant Group

Big Ideas Covenant Group

Meets: Sundays at 11:15am
Status: Open to church members, friends, & visitors
Facilitators: Larry Bartoszek, Eileen Berman

The focus of this group is on ideas that are so big that they just can't be contained anywhere else in the universe. Physics, biology, mathematics, metaphysics, sociology, musicology, theology, art, humor, you name it. If it has "ics" or "ology" in its name, we have probably discussed it!

Generally there is a lot of free association as the subject rapidly shifts in unexpected directions. No one may end up having changed their opinion, but usually one comes away with a new insight or way of looking at things. And we always find room for laughter no matter how big the idea is. We welcome adults and children.