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Your Voice Matters

UU Society of Geneva

by Debbie Leoni

Annual Meeting, May 15, 12:30pm
Come As You Are - Because Your Voice Matters!


I don't know if you've experienced this, but I've attended Annual Meetings at various church congregations where all it felt like was an obligation. I knew I was "supposed" to attend, but I really did not want to spend extra time in another meeting, particularly when Sundays are my time for ME!

I would leave feeling informed as to the state of the church, yet I didn't feel as though my presence mattered. I wonder if my sentiments are one of the reasons why Annual Meetings are not always fully attended.

Being a part of the UUSG community feels like more than a community. It feels like a family and because of this, I want to know the state of the church AND I want to be heard. I want to have the opportunity to share my joys and concerns and offer my treasures to the best of my ability.

This is exactly what the UUSG Board of Directors wants for you as well: to be informed and to be heard because your voice matters, just as it does within your family.

Here's what you can expect as our "family" comes together at the Annual Meeting on May 15:

  • A financial report on fiscal year 2015-2016
  • The fiscal year 2016-2017 budget and how we intend to meet the budget
  • The presentation of the candidates for fiscal year 2016-2017 Board of Directors
  • Election results, presentation of the fiscal year 2016-2017 Board of Directors and Nominating Committee
  • The presentation of the proposed bylaw changes
  • Opportunity for Q & A
  • Opportunity to contribute solutions to our challenges ahead
  • Opportunity to share concerns with church leadership
  • Exercise your right as a voting member
  • Socializing with friends and church family
  • Share what UUSG means to you!

What if the Annual Meeting was the most powerful kickoff to the best year ever at UUSG?! We are ready and we look forward to hearing your voice!

Questions or comments? Contact the Board of Directors.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Spring

UU Society of Geneva

by Kathy Cornell

We are really looking forward to April, with a variety of important and enjoyable happenings in the works. This coming Saturday, April 2, we will celebrate the UUSG Annual Day of Service with many of you. We hope to see you at the service activities, as we make very real our dedication to “promoting practical goodness in the world,” to see you during the 5pm service in the sanctuary and at the (delicious) dinner that begins at 6pm.

It’s so much fun, and so satisfying, to be part of a group of like-hearted people who are focusing a block of time and energy on doing something tangible to make the world a better place. This is one of our greatest strengths, and something worthy of a celebration. Thanks in advance to everyone who will be participating, and if you can’t join us this time, we hope you will be able to next year!

All of these happenings are part of the kick-off for the UUSG Annual Pledge Drive, which begins on the 2nd and wraps up on the 17th. Under the leadership of Kevin Beyer, Stewardship Team Leader, our wonderful Pledge Drive Team is gearing up to contact everyone (UUSG members and friends) to extend an invitation to get together for a brief in-person conversation.

We’d like to talk about the ways UUSG is meaningful in your life, share related joys and concerns, answer questions about the Pledge Drive, and encourage you to consider the importance of UUSG in your life as you decide on your pledge for the coming fiscal year.

We are especially excited by our first-ever Matching Gift Challenge (thanks to Lisa Gades for this terrific idea!) – a unique fund that has been created by a group of UUSG members. This fund will match dollar-for-dollar every amount that is pledged above your last year’s pledge, up to a total of $10,000 from the entire congregation. We hope this opportunity will stimulate everyone to rise to the challenge as we all make our decisions about our pledge amounts.

Lots of other things are going on in April, of course, including Earth Day-related activities, the Tom Neilson concert at 7:30pm on the 9th, the Friday Flick on the 22nd, and all the usual and unique opportunities for engagement at UUSG. We look forward to seeing you on April 2nd, on Sundays and at other times, and we hope April will be the beginning of a beautiful spring season for all!

Questions or comments? Contact the Board of Directors.

UUSG Gets "Branded"

UU Society of Geneva

by Dave Moore

At its February meeting, your Board of Directors unanimously approved the first-ever Branding Statement for UUSG. Those of you who work in marketing or sales probably already know what branding is all about. For the rest of us, it is a definition of our church and what it offers presented in a way that can be used to inform our outreach campaigns. Think of it as a set of “talking points” to help tell the UUSG story to those who don’t know us. 

Read the UUSG Branding Statement.

Developed by the Communications Team, the Branding Statement includes four components:  
Brand Promise: The single most important thing UUSG offers
Brand Attributes: The specific things we do or provide to deliver on the Promise
Brand Personality: If the brand was a person, what would he/she be like?
Brand Tagline: The essence of the brand’s appeal in three to five words

Of the four components, only the tagline — "Come as you are" — is meant for public consumption. The tagline is to be used in conjunction with our logo — you can already see it in action on the UUSG website — and it will start appearing on brochures, videos, and other materials as they are developed or reprinted. 

The hope is that all members and friends who are involved in spreading the good news about UUSG, either in casual conversation or official communication, will find the Branding Statement helpful in talking and writing about our extraordinary church community. 

Questions or comments? Contact the Board of Directors.

Introducing “boardblog”

UU Society of Geneva

by Bill Scown

“boardblog” will be a monthly blog on the UUSG web site written by a member of the UUSG Board of Directors. The author of the articles will change each month. Each Board member will decide their topic. Topics may be anything relevant to UUSG community -- discussion of a UUSG Board issue, announcement of an upcoming event, an appeal for help, recognition of someone,   anything of common interest. Reader comments will be welcome; send comments and suggestions on “boardblog” articles to all of the Board with an email to

The mission of “boardblog” is to improve communication within UUSG. We continue to hear that we need to communicate more. Over the last year, we held more open meetings, attended more council meetings, posted Board meeting minutes on the web site, and put short Board meeting minute summaries in the Pioneer but heard that it is still not enough. Now that we have the new electronic format for the Pioneer, we no longer have the space limitation of the old paper Pioneer, and adding a monthly blog to our communications is fairly easy and cheap. We want “boardblog” to open up new discussions and issues.

 Let the blogging begin!