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UUSG Gets "Branded"

UU Society of Geneva

by Dave Moore

At its February meeting, your Board of Directors unanimously approved the first-ever Branding Statement for UUSG. Those of you who work in marketing or sales probably already know what branding is all about. For the rest of us, it is a definition of our church and what it offers presented in a way that can be used to inform our outreach campaigns. Think of it as a set of “talking points” to help tell the UUSG story to those who don’t know us. 

Read the UUSG Branding Statement.

Developed by the Communications Team, the Branding Statement includes four components:  
Brand Promise: The single most important thing UUSG offers
Brand Attributes: The specific things we do or provide to deliver on the Promise
Brand Personality: If the brand was a person, what would he/she be like?
Brand Tagline: The essence of the brand’s appeal in three to five words

Of the four components, only the tagline — "Come as you are" — is meant for public consumption. The tagline is to be used in conjunction with our logo — you can already see it in action on the UUSG website — and it will start appearing on brochures, videos, and other materials as they are developed or reprinted. 

The hope is that all members and friends who are involved in spreading the good news about UUSG, either in casual conversation or official communication, will find the Branding Statement helpful in talking and writing about our extraordinary church community. 

Questions or comments? Contact the Board of Directors.