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Caring Team

The Caring Team (A Board Committee)


A Caring Team is hereby established to oversee implementation of policies relating to
the prevention, reporting, and response to issues of abuse, harassment, behavior
problems, and similar matters, as designated from time to time by the Board of

The Caring Team will consist, at a minimum, of the professional clergy, at least one
member of the Board of Directors, and at least two other adult members of the UUSG
community. Members of the Team will be selected jointly by the professional clergy and
President of the Board of Directors. Additional Team members may be designated in
the discretion of the professional clergy and President of the Board of Directors.

It will be the responsibility of the Caring Team, and in particular the professional clergy, to
address dangerous or disruptive behavior that occurs within our congregation. When
possible consistent with the need to safeguard the health and wellbeing all members of our
community and to ensure that the ongoing work of this congregation is not unduly
disrupted, the Caring Team will work to find solutions to behavior issues that do not
exclude the individuals involved from UUSG programs or activities. However, if this is not
possible, the professional clergy may take steps to remove the individual from the situation
and/or to limit his or her future involvement in UUSG programs or activities.

In addition to responding to behavior issues that may arise, the Caring Team will be
responsible for advising the Board of Directors, committees, and other lay leaders on
formation and implementation of practices and procedures consistent with this policy; and
for cooperating with the LRE Committee, Communications Committee, and appropriate
others, to provide information, education, and training consistent with this policy.