Child Safety at UUSG

UUSG takes child safety very seriously and has put policies into place to maintain a safe and secure environment for the children participating in the LRE program.

•  Each parent/guardian is asked to fill out a Church School Registration Form that has a section on special medical needs. In addition, each parent/guardian is asked to fill out an Emergency Contact Info & Consent-to-Treat Form.

•  Each parent is asked to sign a release form allowing the LRE volunteers, staff, and committee members to call for help in an emergency.

•  Each parent will be required to sign a permission form for any field trip or similar activity that takes the children out off of the school grounds.

•  A minimum of two teachers will always be in each classroom. In the event that one of the teachers cannot make a class, a parent will be asked to participate in the class.

•  Nursery through 1st grade classes are held in first floor rooms in order to facilitate easy escape during an emergency. There are two stairways out of the 2nd floor and two stairways out of the lower level areas.

Unitarian Universalist Society of Geneva

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All are welcome in this house.

All are welcome in this house.