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Geneva, IL, 60134


Day of Service


Thank you to everyone who participated in the March 18 Annual Day of Service! We had our largest participation yet, with 180 church members and friends helping to make the event a success performing more than 450 hours of public service and strengthening our UUSG community! Some key accomplishments:

  • 72 volunteers visited the Northern Illinois Food Bank and packaged 33,834 lbs of potatoes and senior food boxes.
  • 21 efficient packers assembled 134 Senior Gift Boxes for Humanitarian Service Project.  The congregation donated nearly $2000 for this effort, and area businesses contributed about $400 more.
  • 17 lively partygoers played BINGO with area senior citizens at Bria Health Services of Geneva.  
  • 9 dedicated painters spruced up a hallway and rooms at Mutual Ground to welcome clients to the women's shelter.  Some were so dedicated that they returned on Monday for a second coat!
  • 20 shoppers donated paper products for low-income seniors.
  • 23 creative souls provided lovely Birthday Party in a Box kits for disadvantaged children.
  • 17 concerned citizens wrote 133 postcards and letters to their representatives in government on behalf of the "interconnected web of which we are a part."
  • 3 inspired leaders put on a lovely, uplifting worship service which several dozen attended. 
  • 20 gracious volunteers put on a lovely dinner for 65 hungry volunteers!

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers!

Our Annual Day of Service Coodinators: Kevin Beyer, Jodi Brown, Jamie Carroll, Lisa Gades, Kerry Sapet, Bill Scown

Event Leaders: Kevin Beyer, Mylane Bryant, Jamie Carroll, Lisa Gades, Cathy Kern, Bill Koehl, Jeanne Neltnor, Jason Sapet, Kerry Sapet, Jeannie Scown, Bill Scown, Pat Vary

Transportation: Cari Gesiakowski, Keith Gesiakowski, David Zacker, Molly MacKay-Zacker

HSP Senior Gift Bags: Katie Baar, Lisa Bauer, Gary Bauer, Anne Brink, Deb Brod, Don Brod, Lisa Gades, Karen Laukaitis, Aidan Malana, Anthony Malana, Martha Malana, Preston Malana, Rosemary Maziarz, Kerry Sapet, Jason Sapet, Will Sapet, Gail Tattersfield, George Tattersfield

HSP Birthday Kits: Melanie Abercrombie, Ivy Benshoof, Tim Benshoof, Don Brown, Jill Brown, Jamie Carroll, James Carroll, Samantha Gesiakowski, Christy Hickey, Karen Moore, Kevin O'Neill, Linda O'Neill, Diane Peters, Tom Peters, Lydia Pynn, Family Rupperts, Kerry Sapet, Parvaneh Shindia-Smith, Nancy Smith, Ian Vetter, Sarah Vetter, Roxanne Willis, Katie Yurkewicz

HSP Paper Products: Jennifer Benjamin, Kevin Beyer, Sherri Casterline, Colleen Cushing, Teal Cyko, Lisa Gades, Anne Heavey, Jan Miller, Tom Peters, Diane Peters, Page Poris, Christine Schulman, Hal Schulman, Don Smith, Linda Valentine, Sarah Vetter, Ian Vetter, Pat Ward, Katie Yurkewicz

BINGO: Jill Brown, Kate Rodgers, Colleen Cushing, Cari Gesiakowski, Keith Gesiakowski, Samantha Gesiakowski, Anne Heavey, Terri Stanley, Jeff Stanley, Ian Stanley, Ivan Pynn, Cameron Klein, Teal Cyko, Jeanne Neltnor, Carol Myers, Katie Yurkewicz, Eric Yurkewicz

Northern Illinois Food Bank: Mark Adams, Melissa Auer, Kevin Beyer, Betty Bristol, Declan Brown, Jodi Brown, Nolan Brown, James Carroll, Jamie Carroll, Elke Chateau, Kathy Cornell, Teal Cyko, Mary Davis, Brian Doyle, Kathy Doyle, Liam Doyle, Aaron Fogleman, Lucas Fogleman, Noah Fogleman, Salome Fogleman, Jenny Gresco, Eleanor Hamilton, Jett Herrera, Kathleen Herrera, Jan Hershberger, Bobby Houseman, Becky Hruby, Sean Hruby, Grace Johnson, Griffen Johnson, Kate Johnson, Liam Johnson, Bryce Jonke, Eric Jonke, Ethan Jonke, Mary Margaret Jonke, Vera Lind, Brad Lipman, Doris Lipman, Gary Littlefield, Maissy Littlefield, Doreen Mace, Molly MacKay Zacker, Andy Montgomery, David Montogomery, Ellie Montgomery, Jenny Montgomery, Max Montgomery, Craig Moore, Dave Moore, Rose Moore, Robin Pietrucha, Sophie Pietrucha, Alyssa Palumbo, Amanda Riley, Irulan Riley, Isabel Riley, Diane Rodi, Alba Rusef, Hamid Rusef, Ramsery Rusef, Tom Schevers, Bob Swanson, Mary Swanson, Martha Tabis, Pat Vary, Susan Weimer, Joyce Whitehead, Jane Willard, Abby Zacker, David Zacker, Julie Zacker

Green Advocacy Postcards: Trish Beckjord, Alistair Betts, Sandy Bottoms, Sherri Casterline, Kathy Cornell, Gail Eckl, Sharon Hansen, Anne Heavey, Kerri Hildebeaud, Cathy Kern, Bill Koehl, Jean Pierce, Lou Pierce, Claire Ryan, George Tattersfield, Susan Weimer, Joyce Whitehead

Mutual Ground: Winelle Glaser, Jett Herrera, Kathleen Herrera, Glenda Peck, Bill Peck, Bill Scown, Jeannie Scown, Meredith Vandre, Matthew Vetter

Dinner: Jamie Carroll, James Carroll, Brian Doyle, Kathy Doyle, Liam Doyle, Sharon Hansen, Dave Hansen, Christy Hickey, Rosemary Maziarz, Kerry Sapet, Jason Sapet, Bill Scown, Jeannie Scown, Nancy Smith, Don Smith, Joyce Whitehead

If you helped out and we somehow missed you, please let us know!