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110 S. 2nd Street
Geneva, IL, 60134


Day of Service Photos

Day of Service Recap

Our 5th Annual Day of Service was a huge success! Over 135 UUSG members and friends promoted practical goodness all over the Fox Valley and then gathered together for a catered dinner in our Common Room.

Many thanks go to Lisa Gades, Jean Pierce, and Kevin Beyer for planning and organizing the day’s volunteer opportunities, and to Kevin Beyer, Mylane Bryant, Lisa Gades, Nancy Goodfellow, Debbie Leoni, Jeanne Neltnor, Jean Pierce, Jason Sapet, Kerry Sapet, Bill Scown, Jeannie Scown, and Pat Vary for being the “point people” for the day’s various activities.

Extra special appreciation goes to Jamie Carroll, who coordinated the delicious dinner, and Geneva’s own Riganato’s, who catered the delicious food.

We also thank Julie Riffle and Thom Thomas for designing and leading a wonderful worship service; and Patricia Arzaga for providing music and helping with readings during the worship service. 

And last but not certainly not least, we’d like to thank those who participated in the day’s events, all of whom are listed below.

Don’t see your name? We’ve tried very hard to make sure to thank everyone who helped make the Day of Service a success, but if you participated and don’t see your name listed on these sheets, please write your name under the correct activity so we can appreciate you.

Packed Food at the Northern Illinois Food Bank
Mark Adams
Mavra Ali
Allyson Armstrong
Melissa Auer
Trish Beckjord
Jenny Benjamin
Kevin Beyer
Steven Bryant
Thiago Camargo
Kaitlyn Carro
Jamie Carroll
James Carroll
Elke Chateau
Nancy Christensen
Teal Cyko
Michele Delgado
Salome Fogleman
Cari Gesiakowski
Toni Golab
Cameron Green
Eleanor Hamilton
Dave Hanchette
Mara Handler
Mary-Margaret Jonke
Ethan Jonke
Jim King
Bill Koehl
Vera Lind
Doris Lipman
Brad Lipman
Gary Littlefield
Tekla Mach
Matt McGahan
Omar Mejia
Jenny Montgomery
Andy Montgomery
Ellie Montgomery
Max Montgomery
David Moore
Craig Moore
Rose Moore
Nate Ng
Kathie Noll
Gary Noll
Mary Phillips
Lou Pierce
Bob Prahl
Manya Prahl
Ellie Radvanovsky
Tim Riley
Ashley Rowden
Ramsey Rusef
Hamid Rusef
Tom Russo
Zoe Steele
Pat Vary
Quinn Welsh
Susan Williams
Tom Zimmerman

Cleaned & Organized at Mutual Ground Shelter
Brian Doyle
Kathleen Doyle
Liam Doyle
Diane Gallentine
Roger Gallentine
Kathy McFadden
Tracey McFadden
Jan Miller
Vohny Moehling
Linda O'Neill
Robert Savage
Jeannie Scown
William Scown
Steve Zrebiec
Packed Gift Bags for Indigent Seniors
Kevin Beyer
Ruth Cavanaugh
Kate Frazier
Lisa Gades
Nancy Goodfellow
Ann Holt-Harris
Aidan Malana
Anthony Malana
Martha Malana
Preston Malana
Rosemary Maziarz
Carol Myers
Glenda Peck
Jason Sapet
Kerry Sapet
Chris Schulman
Ian Stanley
Jeff Stanley
Terri Stanley
Nancy Steinke
Linda Valentine
Joyce Whitehead

Provided Other Help for the Senior Gift Bags Project
and Birthday Kits

Keith Gesiakowski
Jean Pierce
Jeff Stanley

Processed Donations and Provided Customer Service
at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Nancy Goodfellow
Gretchen Leider
Debbie Leoni
Jenny Gresko Schevers
Tom Schevers

Made Dinner for Lazarus House
Deann Alleman
Betty Bristol
Eric Jonke
Jean Pierce
Hal Schulman
George Tattersfield
Created Birthday Kits for Children in Need
Melanie Abercrombie
Larry & Laura Bartoszek
Ivy & Tim Benshoof
Bob Brubaker
Sherri Casterline
James & Jamie Carroll
Sharon Hansen & Kylie
Becky & Elaina Hruby
Marilyn James
Cathy Kern
Karen & Dave Moore
Carol Myers
Kevin & Linda O’Neill
Diane & Tom Peters
Rosenkrans Family
Sapet Family
Tomell Family
Zacker Family
Played Bingo with Seniors at the Bria Health Services
Al Arzaga
Izumi Arzaga
Patricia Arzaga
Chris Brown
Declan Brown
Jodi Brown
Nolan Brown
Mylane Bryant
Quinn Bryant
Thiago Camargo
Nancy Christensen
Kathy Cornell
Tony Gibbons
Toni Golab
Andrea Gruszecki
Julie Jonke
Karen Laukaitis
Tekla Mach
Anna Masini
Kathy McFadden
Tracey McFadden
Jeanne Neltnor
Susan O'Neill
Lou Pierce
Scott Talbot Lewis
Meredith Vandre

Superstars Who Helped Before, During,
and After Dinner

Laura Bartoszek
Dan Bottoms
Dave    Davis
Andrea Gruszecki
Dave Hanson
Sharon Hansen
Karen Laukaitis
Tom Lichtenheld
MaryAnn Maksinski
Rosemary Maziarz
Chris Schulman
Jeff Stanley
Terri Stanley
Gail Tattersfield
David Tomell
Renée Tomell
Meredith Vandre