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Geneva, IL, 60134


Facilities Team

Facilities Team

Meets: monthly
Status: open to church members
Team Leader: Kevin O'Neill

The Facilities Team is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and improvement of the congregation’s buildings, grounds, furnishings, and decor. The team develops a list of projected improvement and replacement projects, updating and prioritizing the list as needed. They oversee the planning and implementation of larger projects as approved by the Board. 

The team also oversees regular and unexpected maintenance, providing guidance to the Congregational Administrator and Administrative Assistant, who arrange and supervise contract and volunteer services, as well as the procurement of supplies. 

Regular housekeeping of the buildings is provided by staff custodians. Other services such as lawn mowing and snow removal are contracted. 

Decisions are based on congregational needs; aesthetics and appearance; preservation of our historic buildings; responsible choices for environmental impact and sustainability; and providing safe and healthy conditions in compliance with all ordinances and requirements. 

The Groundskeeping Coordinators are Karin Kemp and Karen Moore. Pat McGleam continues the work of our long-time groundskeeper George Hickman and works diligently each spring and fall to maintain our landscape plantings. Many other church members volunteer with the regular upkeep the church grounds as well as volunteering at the spring workday. 

Consultants and Advisors
The team calls on others in the church family as consultants and advisors to provide guidance on more specialized areas. 

For more information about the work of the team, or to assist with special projects around the buildings and grounds, please contact