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110 S. 2nd Street
Geneva, IL, 60134


Junior High OWL


Meets: January through April
Status: open to the 7th and 8th grade children of church members & friends
Facilitators: varies from year to year

"Our Whole Lives" (OWL) is a comprehensive curriculum dealing with relationships, sexuality, and decision-making for our 7th, 8th, and 9th graders; this is also a curriculum that builds community made of strong friendships and support for its participants.

Our youth often identify this course as being the first time when they really feel they are part of a religious community and understand why we gather together. Participants are asked to make a commitment to each other and the group, and to attend all of the OWL sessions.

Junior High OWL will meet on four overnights, one per month from January through April. More information will be given directly to the families.


Registration Fees: This excellent program takes a variety of resources to run, and therefore we ask each family to pay $50 for their child’s participation. All of these funds are used directly for OWL; they do not go into general church funds and, among other things, they help pay for a resource book for your child to keep after the program.

If this cost represents a hardship for you, please speak to our Senior Minster or LRE Team. Scholarship funds are available, and no youth will be excluded due to financial reasons.