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Green Sanctuary Team

Green Sanctuary Team

Meets: 2nd Sundays, 11am
Status: open to church members & friends
Chairs: Ann Drover, Kurt Heinz

The Green Sanctuary Team serves as a resource for UUSG as it continues its commitment to being a green presence.

Through their bulletin board, "Green Corner," and through projects and events, they provide strategies for greening people’s everyday decisions.

Over the years, they have sold compact fluorescent light bulbs, reusable shopping bags, native plants, rain barrels and more, putting tools in the congregation’s hands for living more lightly in the world we all share.

Green Sanctuary Team Members: Nancy Goodfellow, Llona Steele, Kurt Heinz, Jess Holtzapple, Kathy Cornell, Ann Drover


Green Corner

April Earth Month with Greening Activities
Greetings, everyone! The Green Sanctuary Team is off to a sizzling start for 2016. We have a new Team co-Leader, Kurt Heinz, who is stepping in to replace Nancy Goodfellow, who has served as a fantastic and valuable co-Leader for 5 years.

Our wind energy support has now been renewed for another year. (UUSG’s Green Sanctuary Team buys wind energy matching 100% of our monthly Com Ed use, through Community Energy, from various wind farms. That energy goes to the grid, replacing energy from coal-fired plants, and considerably reduces pollution and water waste!)
But each of our households can add to this eco-impact by additionally buying inexpensive energy blocks ourselves from Community Energy, representing a percent of our household’s bill (up to 100%). Find out how on the GS bulletin board about this valuable participation. Watch for the wind energy ‘thermostat’ on our board showing UUSG's members’ “Wind on the Rise.”
We’re already planning a very green UUSG Earth Month. April will feature Lindsay’s environmental sermon, a green Social Hour, an ecologically-minded movie, green sales (including our signature reusable gift bags plus rain barrels), a green music performance with Tom Neilson, and much more. Please enjoy with us our celebration of Earth Month in April.
Isn’t it great to be part of a church membership that by and large considers the environment really important? Thank you for helping.