Meets: 2nd Sundays, 11am
Status: open to church members & friends
Chairs: Ann Drover, Nancy Goodfellow

The Green Sanctuary Team serves as a resource for UUSG as it continues its commitment to being a green presence.

Through their bulletin board, "Green Corner," and through projects and events, they provide strategies for greening people’s everyday decisions.

Over the years, they have sold compact fluorescent light bulbs, reusable shopping bags, native plants, rain barrels and more, putting tools in the congregation’s hands for living more lightly in the world we all share.

Green Sanctuary Team Members: Nancy Goodfellow, Llona Steele, Kurt Heinz, Jess Holtzapple, Kathy Cornell, Ann Drover

Green Corner

Another Harvest Supper Remembered
Our thanks to ALL you wonderful friends of the Green Sanctuary Team’s activities! We were so grateful to have those amazing and delicious dishes you brought to the annual Harvest Supper on November 7. The tradition of delicious soups & casseroles, nutritious salads, homemade breads, and many yummy desserts started the evening off with a bang and everyone was delectably nourished. Your help and friendship were indispensable to the success of the supper.   
Everyone specially enjoyed our engaging speaker, Green Sanctuary Team member Kurt Heinz, who took us - with help of his PowerPoint presentation - through many serious aspects not fully understood of the world’s clean water, now threatened by disappearance and abuse, or being too contaminated for safe use. He interestingly answered a variety of questions that followed his presentation. Thank you, Kurt. Your words will make a difference for, where we can donate to help people, especially those in underdeveloped countries, implement ways of obtaining and protecting the sparse clean water they obtain.

Outreach with Equal Exchange Fair Trade Products
On Saturday, November 21, the Geneva Congregational Church’s Winter Market - sponsored by Chicago’s Faith in Place - was a desirable venue for the Green Sanctuary Team’s selling of organic Equal Exchange fair trade products. UUSG presented and/or sold coffees, teas, cocoas, olive oil, honey, and chocolate. If you haven’t shopped for any of these lately, just check the church’s north armoire in the Common Room, which features all of those organic items, maintained by UUSG’s Vohny Moehling. We can attest to their excellence, seeing how other vendors revere Fair Trade foods, and by enjoying them ourselves.

We were again happily presenting our handmade reusable gift bags, especially since Christmas gift-giving time is near and using these beautiful gift bags (made by GST member Llona Steele) is environmentally sound and so practical. A huge thanks to all at the Geneva event for inviting the Green Sanctuary Team to participate as presenters, salespeople, and shoppers. We had a good time in spite of the inclement weather that day, and we were able to buy excellent produce and gift items featured by other vendors.