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Healthcare Guide

Welcome to the UUSG Healthcare Information Guide

A web-based guide to healthcare insurance, local provider resources, state and federal assistance programs, and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for the UUSG community. 

If you need help finding the information you need or have suggestions on how to improve this guide, please contact us at

For a PDF version of the information on this page, click here.

•  A step-by-step guide to finding healthcare insurance now and through the new ACA health insurance market place to be implemented in 2013, health insurance basics, the healthcare law and you, comparing providers:

•  Kane County Healthcare Resources—General Menu: a general guide to state and local services including emergency care, general care (including community clinics), diagnostic services, reproductive, inpatient (including hospitals, nursing facilities), outpatient, specialized treatment and surgery, and specialty medicine:

•  Kane County Healthcare Resources—A Menu for Families with Young Children: a family-oriented guide to state and local services for children:

•  Illinois Healthcare Portal—State of Illinois Health and Wellness assistance programs:

•  Medicare—Guide to Medicare insurance for seniors:

•  Kaiser Family Foundation Web site—explains how and when the provisions of the ACA health reform law will be implemented over the next several years:

•  Campaign for Better Health Care—information on ACA implementation including details on the state-based health insurance marketplaces:

•  Healthcare Blue Book .com—free consumer guide to fair provider prices in your area for healthcare services: