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Holiday Pageant

Holiday Pageant

A Note from Kathy McFadden, Pageant Chair

Over 80 people came together to participate in the Holiday Joy Pageant this year. Thank you so much for giving of your time, talent and energy. Although it is not possible to acknowledge everyone by name here (see list of participants on this webpage), I would like to mention a few people.

First, I’d like to thank our Music Director, Tracy Rosenkrans and our Assistant Minister, Rev. Scott Talbot Lewis, who were both heavily involved throughout the entire process. Tracy Rosenkrans also did an outstanding job handling the music portion of the pageant, including recruiting all the talented musicians and holding numerous practices. Scott also led an entire scene in addition to other duties.

This pageant wouldn’t be possible without the extremely creative contributions of our other six Scene Leaders: Jodi Brown, Diane Handler, John Towell, Jennifer Klein, Julie Riffle, and Chung Liang.

A big "thank you" also goes to our technical director, Jeff Stibal, who worked hard on building us a terrific new stage! Although we may not notice all he does behind the scenes, his contribution is critical.

Similarly, Karen Laukaitis did a lot of behind the scenes work organizing props and keeping everyone on cue.

Lee Bernard built us a beautiful Nativity backdrop on very short notice!

The UUSG band, Tracey McFadden, Andy Montgomery, Jim Miles, Tracy & John Rosenkrans, as well as Sandra Anderson-Cordogan and the rest of the musicians were especially critical to our success.

A big thank you also goes to Glenda Peck for organized the delicious pizza party during the dress rehearsal.

Thanks to Morano’s Pizza for opening EARLY on Saturday and providing 14 large pizzas for our pageant practice celebration.

Finally, I want to thank the cast and crew for sharing their amazing talents. I was so grateful that I got to know so many more people throughout this project. I hope everyone will look back with fond memories on what we were able to create together. What a joyful experience!

Thanks again!!!

The Cast of the 2015
Holiday Joy Pageant

Pageant Chair: Kathy McFadden

Music Director: Tracy Rosenkrans

Assistant Minister: the Rev. Scott Talbot Lewis

Pageant Coordinator: Karen Laukaitis

Scene Leaders: Jodi Brown, Diane Handler, Jennifer Klein, the Rev. Scott Talbot Lewis, Chung Liang, Julie Riffle, John Towell

Musicians: Sandra Anderson-Cordogan, Elizabeth Cahail, Mike Elliott, Diane Handler, Calvin Hruby, Maissy Littlefield, Kristin McFadden, Ellie Montgomery, Mary Phillips, Anna Rosenkrans, Erin Rosenkrans, John Towell

UUSG Pageant Band: Tracey McFadden, Jim Miles, Andy Montgomery, John Rosenkrans, Tracy Rosenkrans

Technical Director & Stage-Builder: Jeff Stibal

Music Arranger: John Rosenkrans

Photos: Jim Frazier

Worship Associate: Debbie Leoni

Script Readers: Lucy Atac, Nancy Christensen, Jenny Montgomery, Max Montgomery, Mary Phillips, David Zacker

Stage Hands and Props: Lee Bernard, Patricia Burch, Nancy Goodfellow

Costumes: Louise Haslett

Rehearsal Party Hosts: Glenda Peck (Lead Host), Sandy Bottoms, Betty Bristol, Chris Schulman

Santa and Elf: Aron Bartoszek, Patrick McGleam, Jerry Nordengren

Scene I - Joy of Traditions: Jodi Brown (Scene Leader), Declan Brown, Nolan Brown, Kady McFadden, Manya Prahl

Scene II - Joy of Hanukkah: Diane Handler (Scene Leader), Kathy Cornell, Chris Schulman, Hal Schulman

Scene III - Joy of Giving and Caring: the Rev. Scott Talbot Lewis (Scene Leader), Ellie Montgomery, Mary Phillips, Anna Rosenkrans, Erin Rosenkrans, Robert Savage

Scene IV - Joy of Discovery: John Towell (Scene Leader), Mike Elliott, Kristin McFadden, Tracey McFadden

Scene V- Joy of Family and Friends: Jennifer Klein (Scene Leader), Kevin Beyer, Cameron Klein, Collin Klein, Corey Klein, Alyssa Trejo

Scene VI – Joy of the Earth: Julie Riffle (Scene Leader), Andrea Gruszecki, Kelly Herz

Scene VII – Joy of Miracles: Chung Liang (Scene Leader), Calvin Boettcher, Nathan Boettcher, Thiago Camargo, Gino Felish, Silvio Felish, Lucas Fogleman, Noah Fogleman, Leo Liang, Simon Liang, Conner Lougheed, Devon Lougheed, Aiden Malana, Preston Malana, Erin Rosenkrans, Will Sapet, Kaelyn Trejo, Emma Vandre, Meredith Vandre, Will Vandre, Eric Yurkewicz