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Hypnosis Program

Hypnosis Program

Meets: Last Tuesdays at 7:30pm (does not meet in November, June, July, or August)
Status: open to church members & friends who have had an intake with our Senior Minister
Facilitator: the Rev. Dr. Lindsay Bates

“Last Tuesday” is a monthly group hypnosis program, using sub-therapeutic imagery and suggestion for stress reduction, relaxation, healthy self-care, and pursuing personal goals. Participants arrive early to relax in the sanctuary with restful music before the induction begins.  The induction begins promptly at 8pm and ends between 8:35pm and 8:45pm. A formal intake, either in a group or individually, is required for participation, and preregistration is required for each session. Talk with Rev. Lindsay for more details.

Our Last Tuesday Group Hypnosis Sessions, run by the Rev. Dr. Lindsay Bates, are open to official church members who have been through our intake program or have done a private intake with Rev. Bates. You must be at least 18 years old or have written permission from a parent or guardian. Children in elementary school are old enough to learn self-hypnosis; children and youth accompanied by a parent or guardian are welcome to participate. But please leave the younger children at home – there is no on-site childcare and we can’t have the session interrupted. And finally, you must not have any sort of seizure disorder or dissociative personality disorder or uncontrolled mental health issues (Rev. Bates can work safely with you on an individual basis with the OK from a licensed health care provider, but not in a group setting). 

If you’re interested in learning more about hypnotism, or would like to be able to join the Last Tuesday Group Hypnotism program, please contact Rev. Bates at Once you’ve been through the Info-Intake process, you’ll be able to join our Last Tuesday Group Hypnosis Sessions.