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Interim Ministers

Interim Co-Ministers

Rev. Patrick Price and Rev. Jennifer Innis


Rev. Patrick Price and Rev. Jennifer Innis will begin their interim co-ministry with us here at UUSG on August 1, 2018.

They are coming to us from the Community UU Church in Plano, Texas, where Reverend Patrick has served as the Minister since 2006. Reverend Jennifer currently serves there as the Interim Director of Religious Education. We look forward to welcoming them to UUSG!

Rev. Jennifer earned her Master’s in Divinity in 1998 from Harvard Divinity School. She was raised as a UU in Massachusetts and was very active in UU youth events as a teenager. She has particular expertise in religious education and has served since 2014 as the Assistant Director of Spirit Play - a UU religious education method and ministry. Prior to her ministry at the Community UU church, she served in consecutive roles as Consulting Minister for 3 years and Developmental Minister for 4 at the First Jefferson UU Church in Fort Worth. Are you thinking Jennifer looks familiar? Well, as a matter of fact, she spent a year with us in 2005-2006 as the Interim Associate Minister of Religious Education before moving to Texas.

In describing her hopes for ministry, Rev. Jennifer writes, “More so than anything else, Patrick and I hope for a shared ministry, and not just between the two of us! We believe that all people, whether ordained or not, bring unique gifts and perspectives to congregational ministry. Just as our liberal religious tradition values the voice of the people when making decisions, it is the committed involvement and leadership of the congregation—the sharing of gifts and perspectives—that makes truly transformational ministry possible.”    

Rev. Patrick earned his Master’s in Divinity from Meadville/Lombard Theological School in 1995. He was raised in Ft. Worth as a fourth generation member of The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)—a denomination that emphasizes non-creedalism, lay empowerment, and congregational polity. Rev. Patrick’s theological journey has encompassed Contemporary Paganism, Humanism, and historical Jesus studies. He writes: “I understand Unitarian Universalism to be a pluralist faith learning to practice grounded openness.” 

Rev. Patrick is a Certified Shamanic Practitioner and a Certified Hypnotist (although we didn’t require that as part of the job!) In addition to his broad theological perspective, he has particular strengths in strategic planning, governance, and administration.