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110 S. 2nd Street
Geneva, IL, 60134




Meets: as needed
Status: open to church members, friends, & visitors
Facilitator: Marilyn Hebda

Interweave is a local group of LGBTQ members, friends, and allies who meet once a month to have programs and discussions about issues and events interesting and important to the group.

We do have members and friends of UUSG attending but we also have a few who attend from other churches and the community who are not otherwise attached to UUSG. Interweave meetings and events are open to the public at large as well.

We are connected to Interweave International and the Unitarian Universalist Association, and we use some of the information and materials from those groups as part of our programs. We are also involved in the annual LGBTQ service at UUSG to celebrate our church commitment to being a Welcoming Congregation.

We keep the church and members of our group informed on secular issues in our community, state, and nation.  We also inform the wider community about other programs and events we deem important to our mission.