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Settled Minister Search 2020

 Settled Minister Search 2020

At the March 19, 2019 Board of Directors meeting, a vote was taken and passed to begin a search for a settled minister for the 2020 church year (start date of August 2020). As we begin the search process, this page will provide information and updates to the UUSG congregation.


July 31, 2019: The Search Team has had several productive meetings, and our congregational survey is being finalized. This survey is the first major step in the process to find our next settled minister. We need everyone’s help! The survey will tell us what the congregation is looking for in a minister, and it will also give our ministerial candidates an accurate picture of life here at UUSG. The survey will be available to take either in paper format or online. The survey will be available in mid-August. Keep your eyes and ears open; the time is near!

July 10, 2019: The search is on! The Search Team met with its transitions advisor from the UUA, and the team has begun to complete the tasks that will help our congregation find its next settled minister. One of the first steps in this process will be to complete a Congregational Survey, which will be available starting in mid-August. The team encourages each and every one of us to complete this survey, so our ministerial candidates can get an accurate picture of life at UUSG. Keep your eyes and ears open for more details, which are coming soon. In the meantime, if you have questions or concerns about the search process, you can reach the Search Team at

June 11, 2019: Preparations for the search for a settled minister are underway. The 2019 Search Team has already held their first team meetings to organize roles and tools they will need in the coming months. UUSG has been matched with a UUA designated minister who will act as our coach in the search process. The Team will have a workshop with our coach in early July, after which the search process will begin. Please expect outreach later from the Search Team to the Congregation for your valuable input on various topics relevant to the search, in various formats so that everyone will have a chance to be heard. The Search Team includes Kevin Beyer, Doreen Christiani, Tom Lichtenheld, Kevin O’Neill, Amanda Slaiher, Roxanne Willis, and Tom Zimmerman. The search team members wear gold name tags to help you recognize them at church. Questions and comments may also be directed to

Meet Our Settled Minister Search Team

Kevin Beyer
Kevin Beyer, and his wife Lisa Gades, have been members of UUSG since 2006. Kevin has served on the Finance Team, leads the monthly volunteering at the Northern Illinois Food Bank, and is currently serving on the Stewardship Team. Kevin is an X-Ray science Specialist who has worked at a National Laboratory for the past 27 years.  

Doreen Christiani
Doreen Christiani, member of UUSG for 10 years, is a past member of the Board of Directors, Communications, Interweave and Technology Teams, currently a member of the Finance and Worship Associates teams. Before leaving for college, daughter Grace attended youth groups including YRUU, OWL and Habitat for Humanity. Doreen's husband Jim is a new member of the UUSG congregation and Facilities team.

Tom Lichtenheld
Tom Lichtenheld is a lifelong UU. He and his wife, Jan Miller, have been members of UUSG since 2001. Tom has been a member of the facilities team since 2016. Professionally, he worked in advertising for 30 years and is currently a children's book author and illustrator. 

Kevin O’Neill
Kevin O’Neill, and his wife Linda, have been members of UUSG since 1995. During that time Kevin has served as a member of the Board, Treasurer, and Finance Committee chairperson. Currently, Kevin is the chairperson for the Facilities Team. Since retiring in 2014, Kevin devoted time to researching and writing a screenplay about UUSG’s founding minster Augustus Conant. He also volunteers as a Kane County Certified Naturalist and is a board member for the St. Charles Singers.

Amanda Slaiher
Amanda Slaiher lives in Batavia with her husband, Jacques, and their three young children: Elliott, Cynthia, and Michele. Amanda grew up in the church; she began attending with her mother in 1981 when Amanda was eight years old. She signed the book as an eighth-grader and became a full member in 2007. She served as a Coming of Age mentor for three years and is currently in her second year of teaching K-2 religious education classes. 

Roxanne Willis
Roxanne Willis has attended UUSG for ten years, and has been a member for eight. In the past, she has participated in the Buddhist Group, the New UUs Group, and the Hypnosis Ministry. She is currently an active member of the Mental Health Ministry and often serves as a Worship Associate. She has a PhD in American History and has been an academic book editor for ten years. She is currently working on her Master’s in Social Work to become a psychotherapist. Her husband, Geoff Pynn, is part of the Music Ministry and the Worship Team. Her son, Ivan, is active in YRUU, and her daughter, Lydia, is part of the Middle School Youth Group.

Tom Zimmerman
I have been attending UUSG for over 20 years. I watched my daughter go through YRUU and realized how important this church and our related youth programs are to the community, which motivated me to become a YRUU advisor and Habitat for Humanity trip advisor. I also very much enjoy being one of the wonderful group of UUSG musicians. In secular life I'm an engineer at Fermilab and an avid gardener.

Communication from Board of Directors to Congregation

A Note from the Board of Directors - March 25, 2019

At the March 19th Board of Directors meeting, a vote was taken and passed to begin a search for a settled minister for the 2020 church year.  

The Interim Co-Ministers Jennifer Innis and Patrick Price will help steer us through the process for the remainder of this year and the next, when we hope a settled minister is selected and in place.  

The Board is now soliciting nominations from the congregation for members of the search team. Search members will be responsible for representing the best hopes and aspirations of our congregation to the UUA. Their efforts, and the participation of the entire congregation, will aid us in getting the best ministerial fit for UUSG.  

We are guided in this search process by our bylaws and UUA policies. To begin, we ask the members of the congregation, over the next two weeks, please submit no more than three names of fellow members for consideration. You may nominate yourself if you are interested. With each name you put forth, please include a statement outlining your reason(s) for nomination. Please include your name with the nominees list. Submit names to or in a sealed envelope placed in the Board mailbox by Monday, April 8, 2019.

The Board of Directors will begin the process of tallying and selecting the seven people from the list of nominations at the next board meeting on April 9th.  

All nominations will be confidential. As directed by our Bylaws, the Board of Directors will propose the list of selected individuals for a full congregational vote at our annual meeting, Sunday, May 19, 2019.

For further information about the search process and the involvement required please consult the UUA website. As always, feel free to discuss concerns with the ministers and Board members.  

In the next few days the UUSG website will have a link to the details for everyone to read, and a bulletin board in the Common Room will have more details on the search.  

UUSG Board of Directors