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New2U Marketplace

Listing an item on New2U Marketplace

Thanks for your interest in listing an item on New2U.

First of all, know that N2U is not a rummage sale. It is intended for items that you are no longer using, but consider too good to donate to a thrift store. By listing items on N2U, you are de-cluttering, giving a great deal to a buyer, and benefiting UUSG. Plus getting a tax deduction to boot.

What to list?

Items must be in very good condition (gently used) or new. An exception might be something like a piece of wood furniture that in order to be a gem, needs refinishing – in that case, the listing would reflect an accurate description of the condition, and the price would reflect the condition. Please be forthright in descriptions of items, so there are no surprises for the buyers. Know that N2U reserves the right to respectfully decline a listing if it is determined that the item is not suitable for the marketplace. If you have a question about eligibility of an item or need help with a description, contact N2U.

Suggested items for listing are: 

  • Airline miles/plane tickets
  • Art
  • Children’s large playthings (tricycles, playhouses, etc.)
  • Furniture (upholstered furniture must be clean and in excellent condition)
  • Gift cards/gift certificates
  • Handcrafted items (valued over $25)
  • Home décor items
  • Home goods
  • Musical instruments
  • Recreational items (bikes, skis, etc.)
  • Tool sets or power tools
  • Yard and garden sets

In general, items that will not be accepted* are: 

  • Appliances
  • Books
  • Building materials
  • Clothing
  • Outdated Electronics/TVs**
  • Small toys
  • Weapons
  • Items not in good condition
  • Anything that won’t be purchased for at least $25 (minimum price on the marketplace)

* If you have an exceptional item that falls into one of these categories (i.e., a valuable, rare book), please contact N2U to see if it might be appropriate for the marketplace.

**We will accept electronics that are new, still in the box, or that are "current" items; nothing outdated or unusable.

Item Description

Please be as accurate as possible when describing the condition of your item. No need to worry about complete sentences or flowery language. We’ll do that for you. Just submit the facts, and we’ll contact you if we have questions. 

Determining a Price

The minimum selling price on the marketplace is $25; with $5 increments ($30, $35, $40 and up). Determining the price is up to you, so keep these things in mind: 1) An item is only “worth” what someone will pay for it; 2) Excitement is generated in a resale venue when buyers can get a “deal” and items sell/turnover quickly; for that reason, we encourage you to keep your prices on the low side. This will encourage buying and quick turnover. You will be given the option to allow New2U to lower the price after 45 days, or to remove the item from the marketplace.

If an item sells for $100 or more, you will be given the option of keeping 50% of the monies, and donating 50% to UUSG.

Please do not negotiate prices with buyers. Should a buyer ask whether you will take less for an item, let them know that after 60 days, the price on the marketplace will be reduced, and they should check back.

The Photo

A key tool in selling on the marketplace is a good photo. If at all possible, shoot the photo against a plain wall (simple background – use a sheet to simplify the background if necessary). 

Contact Information

The buyer will contact you directly to arrange to pay and pick-up the item. If you are not completely comfortable with someone coming into your home, be creative – meet them at a neutral location (the church, a public parking lot, etc.). As long as you get payment in advance, you could also leave the item on your front porch for pick-up. (A future goal of N2U is to arrange a volunteer delivery service for large items; stay tuned.)

Your contact information will appear in the item listing. And, while we are not promoting N2U to the general public, know that it is accessible. You might consider creating an email address just for this purpose.

Other Stuff

New listings will be added/listed weekly on Saturday/Sunday.

If you list great stuff at great prices, it’s possible that you will have several potential buyers contact you. N2U policy is first come, first served. So the first person to contact you, and hand over the cash, is the lucky one. Give the first one a reasonable time frame to make the transaction (3 days? 5 days?) and if it does not happen, move on to number two.

For your convenience, there will be a box UNDER the N2U table in the Common Room that you can use to leave small items (that have been paid for) for the buyer to pick up. In addition, the box can also be used if a potential buyer would like to see a small item before buying. You can leave the item in the box, and pick it up later if it was not purchased. Please label all items.

By listing items on the marketplace, sellers agree to donate the monies to UUSG within two weeks of making the sale (please drop off or mail a check to the office; indicate "New2U" on the memo line; you will then receive a tax-deductible charitable contribution receipt.); and to immediately notify N2U when a sale is made so that the listing can be removed. Know that any donations made to N2U are not considered to be part of your annual pledge to the church.

WANTED: Looking for an item or service? Maybe a congregant will be able to fulfill your request. While there's no requirement to donate to UUSG in this category, if monies change hands, New2U will be happy to accept a donation, with the tax deduction going to the donor (be sure to indicate New2U in the memo line of the check). To list something, or for more information on WANTEDs, contact N2U.