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Friday Flicks: Lost in Detention


Friday Flicks: Lost in Detention

UU Society of Geneva

This month’s Friday Flicks Presentation
Friday, July 27, 2018 at 7:00PM

UUSG Common Room

Friday Flicks: Lost in Detention

Once again, immigrants and the government enforcement policies are front page news. However, immigration enforcement policies and actions have been harsh for a number of years dating back to the Obama and Bush administrations. While the widespread separation of children from their families for illegal immigrants was new, the overall system the United States has implemented has been increasingly punitive for years. This month’s film revisits the changes that were made 10 years ago and raises a troubling question. Why do we continue to believe that more draconian actions or a wall will stop people desperate to escape the violence and economic devastation in their countries?

The Obama administration deported or detained more immigrants than any other administration. The 2011 documentary, “Lost in Detention” begins with a closer look at the Secure Communities program, in which Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) records are shared with local law enforcement agencies. While the goal has been to target criminals, thousands of non-criminal immigrants have also been deported. Once illegal immigrants are detained they are sent to detention centers, often far from their homes. An investigation uncovered many cases of sexual and physical assault by guards against detainees. The larger issue is that detainees have little, if any, legal rights or recourse to confront abuse.
Please plan on joining us in the Common Room as we begin a new year of Friday Flicks.