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Settled Minister Search Update


Settled Minister Search Update

UU Society of Geneva

Thanks to all of you who showed up for our focus groups! We had 75 people participate, and your input was invaluable.

 As we mentioned last week, we are hard at work on the Congregational Record. There are over 50 questions we need to answer about our church and our vision for our congregation's future. 

We are doing our very best to express the vast opinions that you gave us—sometimes a majority of us expressed similar views, but since we are Unitarians, you can imagine that many questions had a variety of answers!

We are expressing what we feel the majority of the Congregation feels about our church, but we are also making sure that minority opinions are represented as well. After all, we have to let the ministerial candidates know the variety of thoughts and feelings held by members of our Congregation.

We estimate that it will take us over two hours to write out the answers to each question—and that doesn’t count the hours we will spend exploring an online thesaurus to determine just how to phrase things. Each member of the Search Team is drafting answers to about ten questions. When that process is complete, Roxanne Willis the privilege—if you can call it that—of editing all the answers, so we speak with a clear and consistent voice.

By mid-November, we should have this monster of a document completed, and we will move on to creating images, a video, and other complementary materials for our ministerial candidates to use to help decide if they want to take on the crazy, diverse, caring, and very lovable group of us here at UUSG. We feel pretty confident that they will.

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