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110 S. 2nd Street
Geneva, IL, 60134


Reiki Groups

Reiki Groups

Reiki Discussion Group

Meets: 2nd Mondays at 7pm
Status: open to church members, friends, & visitors
Facilitators: Roger Tilbrook, Jeff Stibal

This group provides an opportunity for the UUSG Reiki community to discuss our experiences with Reiki or in the community outside and to study related topics in energy healing. It also provides an opportunity for those who do not know or understand Reiki but wish to explore it, to attend and learn the concepts. Preliminary classes towards attunement can be included if required.

Reiki Share

Meets: 3rd Sundays and 4th/last Mondays, 7pm
Status: open to anyone who is at least a Level I Reiki practitioner
Facilitators: Roger Tilbrook, Jeff Stibal

Shares are opportunities for Reiki attuned people to participate in a Share. We start at 7pm and try to finish by 8pm. Occasionally we will accept unattuned people who need a treatment, but only by special arrangement. We accept people who were attuned elsewhere in other traditions.