PreK Group (Year prior to Kindergarten)

We Are Many, We Are One: This yearlong preschool curriculum offers children the grounding of a religious community and tradition, along with the freedom to discover and express their uniqueness.

Primary Group (Grades K,1,2)

Stories About God: Looks at “God” as a central symbol for understanding human religiousness. This liberal and eclectic theology is story-based and covers three themes: (1) God is a oneness that can take many forms, (2) God is love and worth that can take many forms, and (3) God is mystery that can take many forms. Theism and atheism are both addressed, as are the spiritual and theological needs of young children.

Elementary Group (Grades 3,4,5)

Holidays and Holy Days: In this program, participants learn about the origins and meanings of holiday and holy day celebrations. They will explore what Holidays and Holy Days other cultures and religions celebrate.

Spring Project (PreK-Grade 5)

In April & May of 2015, pre-kindergarteners, primary classes, and elementary classes will join in a special project together. Past topics include Diversity, Peace, Social/Moral issues, and the Seven Principles seen through a social justice lens.

Junior High Group (Grades 6,7,8)

Building Bridges: This year-long curriculum helps youth in grades 6-8 learn about their own faith and other faith traditions through interactive experience such as field trips and interviews.

Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU) (Grades 9-12)

In YRUU, youth and adult advisors work together to build community, develop youth leadership, and engage in worship and social action. Our youth develop ties to our area congregations and wider UU youth movement by attending district YRUU conferences.

YRUU has also elected to be a part of Habitat for Humanity Service Project, which includes fundraising events, planning meetings, and training sessions which culminate in a ten-day out-of-state trip in July 2015. Advisors lead the youth to take greater leadership in their own learning, and to select and discuss topics relevant to Unitarian Universalism and the greater world.

Additionally, topics relevant to healthy adolescent development, decision-making, and relationships are also addressed. Together, these programs give our youth the opportunity to deepen their religious and moral understandings and bring their beliefs and values to bear on the world. As such, youth may become members of UUSG with limited voting privileges.