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Planning & Publicizing Your UUSG Event

Planning and Publicity

How to Schedule an Event

  • To schedule an event, first check the church calendar for any obvious conflicts. In addition to conflicts on the desired day of your event, look at the weeks before and after for large events or fundraisers that may result in over-scheduling.

  • If you don’t see any conflicts, fill out the Room Request Form.

  • Our Congregational Administrator, Christine Imielski will contact you within a few days to confirm your request or clarify any issues before doing so.

  • Please do not publicize your event or submit announcements about your event before formally scheduling it with Christine and receiving confirmation from her that it’s on the calendar.

Event Sign-Ups

  • If you would like a sign-up sheet in the Common Room and/or an online sign-up webpage, request these from Christine at least 1 week before you would like people to begin signing up.

  • If you wish to publish contact info for the event, ask Christine to create an email alias for you so we can publish contact info without printing your personal email address or phone number.

How to Publicize Your Event

To publicize your event, follow these guidelines and send your announcement to our Congregational Administrator, Christine Imielski.

For All Publicity

  • Deadlines are firm.

  • Submissions may be edited by staff for content or length.

Mini-Pioneer Weekly Bulletin

  • Due by 9am on the prior Wednesday

  • Send text of any length to for inclusion on our website. If you have pictures, please include them.

  • The bulletin itself will only include 2-3 lines of text about your event or activity, but will include contact information and/or a link to more information on the church's website and/or your event sign-up page.

“UUSG News” Sunday Email

  • Due by 9am on the prior Wednesday

  • Send text of any length to for inclusion on our website. If you have pictures, please include them.

The Pioneer Monthly E-Newsletter

  • Due by 9am on the 4th Monday of each month (check our calendar for exact dates, as this deadline may change depending on holidays)

  • Send text of any length to for inclusion on our website. If you have pictures, please include them.


To Be Read During the Worship Services

  • 50 words or less

  • Due by 9am on the prior Wednesday

  • Will be read by the Worship Associate

  • Only for committee or group activities that pertain to a large portion of the congregation

  • Not for volunteer recruitment

  • Will only be read on 2 dates; generally the week before and the week of the event, unless otherwise specified

  • A limited number will be read each Sunday, on a first-come, first-served basis

To be Posted on the UUSG Facebook Page

  • 50 words or less

  • No deadline, but posting can take up to 3 days after submission

Online Calendars and Press Releases
Sending information about your event or group is a great way to let the larger community know about what UUSG has to offer. There are two main ways to submit information to the local media—online calendar listings and press releases. Consider which approach is most appropriate for your announcement and if you can meet the timelines indicated.

Online Calendar Listings

  • Events are not automatically submitted to online calendars; you must make a specific request.

  • Send your event information (100 words or less) to at least 2 weeks before your event.

  • Information will be submitted to online calendars 1-3 weeks before your event, depending on when you submit it to the office.

  • Late submissions (received less than 2 weeks before your event) cannot be accommodated.

  • Calendar submissions are sometimes chosen to run in the newspapers or in a more prominent location on the media’s website, but we do not have control over this.

  • Submitting events to online calendar listings does not guarantee that they will be included on the calendar or otherwise used by the newspaper.

  • Events that are already posted on online calendars cannot be re-posted.

  • As of January 2014, event information is submitted to the following: My Suburban Life, TribLocal, Daily Herald, Geneva Patch, PlanitKane, Kane County Chronicle, and Beacon News.

Press Releases—Summary

  • True press releases take more time and consideration than calendar event submissions, and drafts must be submitted to Christine Imielski at least 4 weeks before the event.

  • If you feel your event is newsworthy enough to warrant more than a calendar listing, talk to the Communications Team ( about the process and best practices for success.

Press Releases—Detail

  • True press releases take more time and consideration than calendar event submissions. Because many of the local papers are published weekly, draft press releases must be submitted to the church office at least 4 weeks in advance of the event.

  • We first ask you to consider the newsworthiness of your event. Keep in mind that local papers are devoting less and less space to original content, as staffing cuts and financial constraints have them running more stories from syndicated services.

  • If you believe your announcement is newsworthy enough to warrant more than a calendar listing, try to think of ways to entice the media. Can you offer interviews with local residents? High resolution, print-ready photos? Recipes?

  • If you choose to submit a press release, please send a draft press release to at least 4 weeks before your event (the long lead-time is necessary because many of the papers are weeklies).

  • Press releases should be no more than one page double-spaced and be written in the style of a newspaper article.

  • Christine Imielski, the Communications Team, or other experienced volunteer will make appropriate edits to your release, format it for UUSG branding, and send it back to you for your prompt approval.

  • The release will be sent to local media three weeks before your event. Most newspapers don’t accept emailed releases, but require them to be submitted online through a press release form. For all events for which we submit a press release, we will also submit to the online calendars.

  • Christine Imielski's name and contact information will be on all UUSG press releases. Should there be media interest, Christine will connect you to the reporter.

  • Please note that we have NO control over which papers (if any) choose to feature our events.

  • Press releases will not be submitted to the media more than once.