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110 S. 2nd Street
Geneva, IL, 60134


Lifespan Religious Education Team

Lifespan Religious Education (LRE) Team

Meets: as needed
Status: open to church members & friends
Team Leaders: Bill Pokorny and Jennifer Klein
Team Contact:

The LRE Team is a fun, active group of people who are all passionate and intentional about the nurturing and education of children, youth, and adults.

This team oversees all Religious Education curricula, youth social events, volunteer staffing, organization, and scheduling. This is a broad scope with far-reaching effects and includes many events & activities, including:

  • church school classes during the regular church year
  • YRUU youth events
  • OWL sexuality & relationship program
  • Coming of Age classes
  • the Junior High Youth Group
  • family picnic playdates
  • facilitation of teacher cohesiveness
  • addressing teacher & student issues & needs
  • maintaining classroom supplies
  • preparing the annual budget
  • the RE music program, which includes the children sharing music in the Sanctuary
  • volunteer recognition
  • ensuring a child- & family-welcoming atmosphere at church
  • library maintenance & cataloging
  • surveying new curricula
  • as-needed adjustment of classes and volunteers
  • professional staffing needs
  • long-range planning for our LRE programs
  • advocating outside the team for LRE and youth needs

Please contact one of the team members if you are interested in making a difference regarding the Lifespan Religious Education of UUSG members, young and old.