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Women's Circle

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UUSG Women's Circle

2019-2020 Program Year Schedule!


UUSG Women’s Circle invites all UUSG members and friends who identify as female to join us for our first session of the year, Saturday, September 28, 1-4 pm. “Reconnect and Renew” is an opportunity for us all to gather (again) and share our connections with each other. Our goal for this session is to reconnect our friendships, refocus our spirits and recharge our energies as we embark on this new church year.

For those new to WC, the objectives of the UUSG Women’s Circle remain to:

  • Extend adult LRE and communication for UUSG women and friends;

  • Enhance the opportunities for women within the church to build a stronger community through shared experience;

  • Offer topics focused on personal and spiritual growth in a format that fosters meaningful discussion and exploration.

Monthly Saturday sessions this year center on our large group presentations and small group discussions on a variety of topics including: Shadow, Diversity, Balance, Women’s Wisdom, and Dreams, along with a guest speaker in February.

Schedule: (Mark your calendars now!)

  • September 28, 2019, Reconnect and Renew

  • October 26, 2019, Embracing your Shadow Self

  • November 16, 2019, Exploring Diversity Concerns (Note change of date due to Thanksgiving!)

  • February 22, 2020, The Active and Contemplative Life: Finding a New Rhythm for Our Modern Lives, Sr. Glenna Czachor, OSF

  • March 28, 2020, Women’s Wisdom as we Age

  • April 25, 2020, Dreams as a Spiritual Experience

We appreciate your signing up to attend and help out. RSVP on Sign Up Genius for each month, so we know you are planning to attend. In addition, we count on all of us who participate to sign up twice during the year for set up, clean up, and sharing snacks and drinks, so sign up for your turns, too! We look forward to seeing you Sept. 28!

Women’s Circle Planning Team, Trish Beckjord, Deb Brod, Julia Friesen, Rhonda Robinson, and Pam Verner.


About Women’s Circle

The goal of the UUSG Women’s Circle is to extend learning and communication, and enhance the opportunities for women within the church to come together around our individual spiritual growth.

Guided by our UU Seven Principles, we come together in a variety of ways that help us explore our spiritual direction using programs and venues that are thoughtful and energizing. 

This program is open to all UUSG women 18 years old and above, and we would love to expand our community to the younger women of the church. Intergenerational connections are rich and critically important in today’s world!  Having us all together will deepen our individual and shared experience! 

Sign up here or email if you are having trouble with SignUp Genius.

We invite anyone who is interested to join the Women’s Circle planning team. If you have thoughts or questions or would like to help, please talk to Trish Beckjord, Julia Friesen, Pam Verner, Rhonda Robinson, or Deb Brod or email us at