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Mental Health Ministy's Life Span Series: Stages of Faith


Mental Health Ministy's Life Span Series: Stages of Faith

UU Society of Geneva

Join us April 9 at 12:30 in the Common Room for our Mental Health Ministry Series: Stages of Faith led by Tom Schevers, PhD.

Children from all cultures learn religion first from stories not from theological or philosophical tracts. But the stories that excited and satisfied the young child can seem silly to the adolescent and irrelevant to the adult and maybe profound again as the adult gains wisdom. The point is that as a person goes through stages of physical, cognitive, emotional and social development, his or her faith changes.  People often leave a church not because they have lost faith but because they have outgrown that church's vision of faith.

James Fowler says faith is the underlying process that helps us form beliefs, find meaning, connect with others and face the mysteries of life. He describes 6 stages of faith starting from infancy to old age.  Understanding these stages can help clarify intrapersonal and interpersonal conflicts, confusion, breakthroughs, and enlightenments. Come join the discussion.