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Swedish Days Pizza Booth 2019


Swedish Days Pizza Booth 2019

UU Society of Geneva

Swedish Days Pizza Booth 2019! 

Why do we sling pizza at Swedish Days? Because we knead the dough! 

All jokes aside, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Our UUSG Swedish Days Pizza booth had record profits is 2017. In 2018 we suffered a lull due to the weather. We put in an order to The Higher Power for better weather this year so we can beat the 2017 record (no response yet, go figure…). Now we need to staff it with some eager people to help us sling some pizza, meatball/beef sandwiches and much, much more, so we can set a new record in 2019.

You'll be signing up for a two hour shift - working the counter or grabbing food and drinks. You'll be working alongside fellow UUSGers - so it's a great time to meet new people or reconnect with old friends. You'll need to be able to stand for two hours and keep yourself from purchasing the delicious pizza and sandwiches until your shift is over (or come early to familiarize yourself with the product lineup before you start - it's not empty calories - it's research!). If you like action - pick a mealtime shift; if you like watching grass grow - choose morning or mid-afternoon. Click here to sign up for a shift (or two!)

Since this worked so well last year we have 2 shifts each day for picking up pizzas at Charlie Fox Pizzeria on Geneva's east side and delivering them to the booth. This is a great opportunity if you don't want to be in the booth, but still contribute to the cause from the comfort of your air conditioned car!

Questions or Comments? Contact our Pizza Booth Coordinators: David Zacker, Molly MacKay Zacker, and Nancy Christensen at